If your organisation is lacking the necessary time, personnel or expertise, KnowledgEquity can help. We believe that the development of your employees (and your business) is best achieved with hands-on assistance by technical and industry experts. As an external party, KnowledgEquity can help remove the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mentality and start implementing more efficient and effective outcomes with your staff.

Our focus is on identifying bottlenecks, risks and inefficiencies and then recommending best-practice processes to improve productivity, reduce costs and reduce the mistakes and stress that arise from complexity. We can also offer project management services and work with your staff to implement the new processes.

Areas that often benefit from this type of review include:


latest_bullets (1) Management Accounting Solutions – Cash flow management, cost control, inventory management, budgeting and forecasting, performance measurement/management

latest_bullets (1) Business Process Improvements – Accounts receivable/debtors management, accounts payable, contract management/procurement function, quality assurance

latest_bullets (1) Business Management Services – Business entity registrations, accounting/bookkeeping set up, risk management and governance



By reducing problems in these areas you can create more time for your staff to focus on broader and more strategic targets and issues – such as new products, sales growth, and spending time with customers.

If your organisation needs a fresh set of eyes to help review and improve your day-to-day activities, please contact us.