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    Course Materials

    Module 1 [Access]
    AAA M1 – Getting started!
    AAA M1 – Overview of Module 1
    AAA M1 – Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants
    AAA M1 – Responding to non-compliance (NOCLAR)
    AAA M1 – Professional judgment and professional scepticism
    AAA M1 – Practice Quiz
    50 minutes
    Module 2
    AAA M2 – Overview of Module 2
    AAA M2 – Audit Objectives, Engagement Terms and Quality
    AAA M2 Auditor’s Responsibilities Relating to Fraud ISA 240
    AAA M2 Practice Quiz
    50 minutes
    Module 3
    AAA M3 Module 3 Overview
    AAA M3 – Materiality (ISA 320) and Assertions (ISA 315)
    AAA M3 Components of Internal Control
    AAA M3 Strategic Analysis
    AAA M3 Ratio Analysis
    AAA M3 Practice Quiz
    50 minutes
    Module 4
    AAA M4 – Overview of Module 4
    AAA M4 Audit Procedures
    AAA M4 Subsequent Events (ISA 10)
    AAA M4 Practice Quiz
    Module 5
    AAA M5 – Audit reports and opinions
    AAA M5 Issues That Modify the Report But NOT The Opinion
    AAA M5 Comfort Letter Engagements
    AAA M5 Practice Quiz
    Module 6
    AAA M6 – What Are Performance Engagements?
    AAA M6 Stages In a Performance Audit
    AAA M6 Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness
    AAA M6 Practice Quiz
    Module 7
    AAA M7 – Characteristics of an Assurance Engagement
    AAA M7 Prospective Financial Information
    AAA M7 Risk Management and Integrated Reporting
    AAA M7 Practice Quiz

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