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Australia Taxation – Changes in Semester 1, 2019
Weekly Webinars – ATA Assist – 2019
Module 1 [Free access]
ATA M1 – Purpose of Tax
ATA M1 – Tax Theory and Tax Systems
ATA M1 – Tax Policy and Tax Reviews
ATA M1 – Tax Base and Tax Rates
ATA M1 – Tax Design and Tax Mix
ATA M1 – Practice Quiz
50 minutes
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Practice Exam 1 [Paid version only]
Practice Exam 2 [Paid version only]
Module 2
ATA M2 Type of Trusts
ATA M2 Trust Income and Tax Liability
ATA M2 Distributions to Minors
ATA M2 Streaming of Trust Income
ATA M2 CGT Event E4
ATA M2 Trust Losses
ATA M2 Practice Quiz
Module 3
ATA M3 Superannuation Funds
ATA M3 Taxation of Super Contributions
ATA M3 Taxation within Super Funds
ATA M3 Taxation of Super Benefits
ATA M3 Self-Managed Super Funds
ATA M3 Practice Quiz
Module 4
ATA M4 Company Tax Overview
ATA M4 Company Losses
ATA M4 Small Business CGT Concessions
ATA M4 Dividend Imputation
ATA M4 Division 7A Loans
ATA M4 Share Buy-Backs
ATA M4 Practice Quiz
Module 5
ATA M5 Consolidation Eligibility
ATA M5 Key Consolidation Rules
ATA M5 Entry Allocable Cost Amount
ATA M5 Loss Bundles
ATA M5 Exit Allocable Cost Amount
ATA M5 Practice Quiz
Module 6
ATA M6 Business Entities
ATA M6 Partnerships Overview
ATA M6 Multi-Entity Business Combinations
ATA M6 Personal Services Income
ATA M6 Practice Quiz
Module 7
ATA M7 Debt and Equity Interests
ATA M7 Value Shifting
ATA M7 Thin Capitalisation
ATA M7 Taxation of Financial Arrangements
ATA M7 Practice Quiz
Module 8
ATA M8 Forex Realisation
ATA M8 Transfer Pricing Framework
ATA M8 Transfer Pricing Methods
ATA M8 Conduit Foreign Income
ATA M8 Foreign Income Tax Offsets
ATA M8 Practice Quiz
Module 9
ATA M9 Introduction to GST
ATA M9 GST Attribution
ATA M9 GST Adjustments
ATA M9 Practice Quiz
Module 10
ATA M10 Anti-Avoidance and Part IVA
ATA M10 Application of Part IVA
ATA M10 Multinational Tax Avoidance
ATA M10 Practice Quiz

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