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    Course Materials

    Module 1 [Access]
    AT M1 – Legal and Regulatory Framework
    AT M1 – Ethics and Fundamental Principles
    AT M1 – Tax Agent Services
    AT M1 Practice Quiz
    50 minutes
    Module 2
    AT M2 Ordinary Income
    AT M2 Statutory Income
    AT M2 Exempt and Non-assessable Non-exempt Income
    AT M2 Royalties
    AT M2 Transfer Pricing
    AT M2 Forex Realisation
    AT M2 Trading Stock
    AT M2 Practice Quiz
    Module 3
    AT M3 General Deductions
    AT M3 Specific Deductions
    AT M3 Company Losses
    AT M3 Prepayments
    AT M3 Non-commercial Business Losses
    AT M3 Thin Capitalisation
    AT M3 Practice Quiz
    Module 4
    AT M4 Capital Allowances – Prime Cost Method
    AT M4 Capital Allowances – Diminishing Value Method
    AT M4 Capital Allowances – Low Value Pool
    AT M4 SBE Capital Allowances
    AT M4 Practice Quiz
    Module 5
    AT M5 Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
    AT M5 Pre-CGT Interests
    AT M5 CGT Main Residence Exemption
    AT M5 CGT Taxable Australian Property
    AT M5 Small Business CGT Concessions
    AT M5 Practice Quiz
    Module 6
    AT M6 Taxable Income and Tax Payable for Individuals
    AT M6 Tax Offsets and Rebates
    AT M6 Treatment of Minors
    AT M6 Specific Income
    AT M6 Personal Services Income
    AT M6 Superannuation
    AT M6 Practice Quiz
    Module 7
    AT M7 Partnerships
    AT M7 Net Partnership Income
    AT M7 Control and Assignments
    AT M7 Reconstitution
    AT M7 Practice Quiz
    Module 8
    AT M8 Types of Trusts
    AT M8 Trust Income and Tax Liability
    AT M8 Streaming of Trust Income
    AT M8 Trust Losses
    AT M8 Company Tax Overview
    AT M8 Dividend Imputation
    AT M8 Superannuation Fund Taxation
    AT M8 Practice Quiz
    Module 9
    AT M9 Overview of FBT
    AT M9 Otherwise Deductible Rule
    AT M9 Special Employer Categories
    AT M9 Practice Quiz
    Module 10
    AT M10 Introduction to GST
    AT M10 Attribution
    AT M10 GST Adjustments
    AT M10 Practice Quiz
    Module 11
    AT M11 Self-Assessment System
    AT M11 Tax Objections and Penalties
    AT M11 Anti-Avoidance Rules
    AT M11 Practice Quiz

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