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    Course Materials

    Module 1 [Access]
    FRM M1 – Welcome to Financial Risk Management
    FRM M1 – Financial Risks
    FRM M1 – Risk Management Principles
    FRM M1 – Risk Management Framework
    FRM M1 – Risk Rating Matrix
    FRM M1 – Practice Quiz
    50 minutes
    Module 2
    FRM M2 – Basel III
    FRM M2 Managing Cash Flows
    FRM M2 – Managing Working Capital
    FRM M2 Funding Overview
    FRM M2 Weighted Average Cost of Capital
    FRM M2 Practice Quiz
    50 minutes
    Module 3
    FRM M3 – Debt Financing: Short-term
    FRM M3 Debt Financing: Long-term
    FRM M3 Net Present Value Analysis
    FRM M3 Evaluating Capital Investments
    FRM M3 Cash Flow Capital Budgeting
    FRM M3 Financial Mathematics
    FRM M3 Practice Quiz
    50 minutes
    Module 4
    FRM M4 – Financial Derivatives
    FRM M4 – Futures
    FRM M4 Forwards
    FRM M4 Swaps
    FRM M4 Options
    FRM M4 Practice Quiz
    Module 5
    FRM M5 – Interest Rates Overview
    FRM M5 Interest Rate Risk Management Framework
    FRM M5 Interest Rate Swaps and Options
    FRM M5 Practice Quiz
    Module 6
    FRM M6 – Foreign Exchange Overview
    FRM M6 Foreign Exchange Risk Management
    FRM M6 Commodities Overview
    FRM M6 Commodity Price Risk Management
    FRM M6 Practice Quiz
    Module 7
    FRM M7 – Financial Instruments
    FRM M7 Embedded Derivatives
    FRM M7 Hedge Accounting
    FRM M7 Hedge Effectiveness
    FRM M7 Practice Quiz
    Module 8
    FRM M8 – Strategy, Leadership and Risk Management
    FRM M8 Understanding and Preventing Fraud
    FRM M8 Corporate Governance Principles
    FRM M8 Internal Controls
    FRM M8 Practice Quiz

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