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Course Materials

Module 1 [Access]
GSL M1 – Overview of Strategy
GSL M1 – Approaches to Strategy
GSL M1 – Strategy and the Organisation
GSL M1 – The Strategy Process
GSL M1 – Globalisation and Strategy
GSL M1 – Accountants in Strategy
GSL M1 – Practice Quiz
50 minutes
Module 2
GSL M2 – Define the Industry and its value chain
GSL M2 – The Industry Life Cycle
GSL M2 Remote Environment Analysis – PESTEL
GSL M2 Industry Analysis – Porter’s Five Forces
GSL M2 Basis of competition and customer markets
GSL M2 Practice Quiz
50 minutes
Module 3
GSL M3 – Identifying & Analysing Stakeholders
GSL M3 – Strategic Drivers
GSL M3 Competitive Advantage and Generic Strategy
GSL M3 The Balanced Scorecard
GSL M3 Strategic Analysis Tools
GSL M3 Strategic Capabilities
GSL M3 Practice Quiz
Module 4
GSL M4 – Ansoff’s Matrix
GSL M4 The New Product Development Process
GSL M4 Entering New Markets
GSL M4 Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
GSL M4 Practice Quiz
Module 5
GSL M5 – Linking Vision, Mission, Values and Goals
GSL M5 Strategic Options and Strategic Themes
GSL M5 Risk Management
GSL M5 Evaluating Strategic Options – Rumelt’s criteria
GSL M5 Practice Quiz
Module 6
GSL M6 Implementing strategy
GSL M6 – The 7-S Framework
GSL M6 Change and Resistance
GSL M6 Practice Quiz
Module 7
GSL M7 – Leadership Versus Management
GSL M7 Transformational Leadership
GSL M7 Leadership Styles
GSL M7 Practice Quiz

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