CPA Dates – Results, enrolment, deferral, final exams.

CPA Dates & Exam results

Good luck with your CPA results if you just completed your exam. Here are some key dates to look forward to. CPA Results for Semester 2 2020 release date is 11 December 2020.  

KnowledgEquity are providing CPA tuition resources as part of your CPA enrolment in Semester 1 2021.

CPA dates for Semester 1 2021

  • CPA Early bird enrolment closing date: Wednesday 13 January

  • Semester 1 starts: Monday 25 January

  • Last day for CPA enrolment: Friday 24 January

  • CPA Exam Period for Semester 1: Wednesday 7 April – Sunday 25 April

  • CPA Exam Results are released: Friday 4 June

CPA Exam Bookings – Should I book early or late?

If you are organised then book an early exam. So, this means you get your life back earlier. Most people just start studying later when they have a later exam (rather than doing additional study hours).

CPA dates and fees for deferral

The CPA early deferral date to defer your subject is before Tuesday 16 March (CPA will charge you a fee to do this). So, make sure you do a detailed review of your study progress before then and make a decision on whether to continue your studies or defer.

After this date you can defer your CPA subject until 6 April (CPA will charge a higher fee – information on fees is here). That’s right – the CPA date for a late deferral is a few days before exams start.

For other CPA dates such as last day to change your postal address or cancelling your enrolment click here.

CPA Mid-Semester Test & Study Resources

At KnowledgEquity, we offer a CPA mid-semester test included in your Guided Learning package.  It is a great way to find out if you are on track with your studies. Based on your test result – you can reset your study plans, and get back on track. But, if you can’t catch up – don’t panic. You still have options.

We also have a wide range of support resources including short video tutorials, recorded weekly webinars, practice exams and module quizzes to help you master the CPA Program.

Using Facebook? Want to connect with other students?

There are also Facebook groups for CPA subjects as follows:

CPA Financial Reporting

CPA Strategic Management Accounting

CPA Global Strategy and Leadership

CPA Ethics and Governance

CPA Advanced Audit And Assurance

CPA Financial Risk Management

CPA Contemporary Business Issues

CPA Australia Taxation

October 27, 2020

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