CPA Mid-Semester Test

What is the CPA Mid-Semester Test?

KnowledgEquity’s CPA Mid-Semester test is the perfect opportunity for you to track your progress and gauge your understanding of the concepts covered in the first five weeks. It’s free. It’s all multiple choice and it will be available 9:00am Friday 1st March until Monday 11th March, 2:00pm Melbourne time (no extensions).  So come and check it out!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the test cost?

It’s FREE! The Mid-Semester test is included (along with all the other great features; video tutorials, webinars, quizzes, practice exams and more) in all KnowledgEquity CPA support courses: Full Focus, Exam Ready, Revision Plus and CPA Assist (CPA Assist is our free course).

2. How do I get the test?

Enrol in any of our courses, Full Focus, Exam Ready, Revision Plus or our freemium CPA Assist (free) to get immediate access. Select your preferred subject page using the links below,

3. Where do I access the test?

Firstly, you must use the Chrome browser. Do not use Safari as your answers will not save. Open your course in our LMS. The CPA Mid-Semester test will be under the “Mid-Semester Test” section header, just below the introduction units.

 4. When can I start the Mid-Semester test?

Anytime between 9:00am Friday 1st March – Monday 11th March (2:00pm Melbourne time). 

No extentions!

 5. What’s in the test?

The test covers the first 5 weeks of the semester.

 6. What is the test structure?

The test has 15 multiple choice questions and you will have 60 minutes to complete it. It is automatically marked. You will only get one attempt, so treat it like a formal exam. The test works in the same way as the quizzes. You can click “save progress” to save your selected answers as you progress through the quiz.

7. Where do I get my results?

After you complete the test, click ‘Check Results’ and your results will display immediately in the Results screen. You can view these results at any time in your account – just click on your Courses menu, and then click on the Results tab. You can also view your performance by module. Check out this link for more LMS navigation.

8. Do I need to book my test?

No, you don’t need to book in your Mid-Semester test. Just start it when you are ready.

9. Why is the test only available for 10 days?

To get you engaged with your studies and to give you an incentive to stay up to date (with no deadline – there is often ‘never a good time to do it’). After completing the test, you will get detailed feedback on your performance. This allows you time left in the semester to address any subject areas which you need to revisit and get a better understanding of the topic.



February 25, 2019

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