Looking for a CPA Revision Kit?

Looking for a CPA Revision Kit?

CPA Revision KitAre you looking for a CPA Revision Kit to help you with your CPA studies? Then consider KnowledgEquity support resources for your CPA studies. Our Revision Plus support resources provide you with over 50 video tutorials as we as module quizzes, PDF downloads and practice tests. At only $250 AUD these are extremely good value and will help you master the CPA Program.

You may also find our premium Full-Focus product even more valuable than just a CPA Revision Kit. Full-Focus includes 2 additional practice exams as well as access to 10 live webinars (which are also recorded for later viewing), and is available for $450 AUD.

Our support resources are designed to keep you on track with your studies, and help you understand the material faster. When you remember concepts and their application more clearly, you can approach your exams with confidence and a greater level of ability. After 3 semesters, we have already seen an improvement in the overall pass rate of our student group of over 13% compared to the CPA average.

Over 3,000 students have already signed up to use KnowledgEquity resources and we view this as a fantastic endorsement of our tuition support resources. We continue to sign up corporate clients who see the value in having their employees gain the additional support that we provide.

If you are still deciding on whether or not to start a CPA then look at the CPA website at

If you want advice on which cpa subjects to take and in what order, see our post below.

CPA Subjects – what order & combination works best?


About KnowledgEquity

We are an independent provider of support resources for your CPA studies. We have highly qualified CPAs creating and delivering innovative content including live webinars, video tutorials, PDF resources to download and practice exams.

Courtney Clowes CPA and Russell Clowes CPA are the directors and have many years experience teaching the CPA program, authoring CPA study guide materials and providing expert forum responses to CPA students.

This clip outlines what we do and why we think our CPA support resources will be a helpful CPA revision kit for you, and you will be impressed by our low CPA Tuition Fees:

December 16, 2016

5 responses on "Looking for a CPA Revision Kit?"

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for financial risk management revision kit in order to practice exam questions. Can I purchase this material separately?

  2. Hi – all of our resources are bundled together because this provides the best learning experience. So, when you sign up to our practice exams you also get our short videos and recorded webinars (with Exam Ready). This means that you can review the areas you have difficulty with so you can understand the materials more effectively. Here is the the link to our FRM resources:

  3. Hi Courtney,

    Is it necessary to buy BPP FR Revision Kit and Passcards?


  4. HI Prisila, No, it isn’t necessary, but some students find it helpful. Doing lots of questions is a great way to get familiar with the study guide and prepare for your exam, so if you like to study this way then you should consider it.

    Regards, Courtney

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