CPD Webinars

2018 Webinars

Topic: Non-financial performance metrics

Presenter: Courtney Clowes (CPA)

Date: Wednesday 24 January, 2018

Length: 1 hour

Link: Webinar course

Topic: Working capital management

Presenter: Courtney Clowes (CPA)

Date: Friday 16 February, 2018

Length: 1 hour

Link: Webinar course

16 March 2018

Topic: Activity-based costing

20 April 2018

Topic: From reporting to analysing to advising

18 May 2018

Topic: Risk, trust and reputation

15 June 2018

Topic: Integrated Reporting <IR> – From concept to implementation

20 July 2018

Topic: The Conceptual Framework – a refresher

17 August 2018

Topic: New product and market development

21 September 2018

Topic: Competition and consumer laws

19 October 2018

Topic: Corporate governance failures

16 November 2018

Topic: Strategic planning and implementation

14 December 2018

Topic: Protecting intellectual property

2017 Webinars

Topic: IFRS 16: Switching the light on Lessee Accounting

Presenter: Theashen Vandiar (CA, CPA)

Date: Wednesday 21 June, 2017

Length: 1 hour

Link: Webinar course

Topic: Directors’ duties and obligations

Presenter: Courtney Clowes (CPA)

Date: Friday 28 July, 2017

Length: 1 hour

Link: Webinar course

Topic: Pricing and Value Extraction

Presenter: Courtney Clowes (CPA)

Date: Friday 30 June, 2017

Length: 1 hour

Link: Webinar course

Topic: Non-compliance with laws and regulations (NOCLAR)

Presenter: Theashen Vandiar (CPA)

Date: Wednesday 23 August, 2017

Length: 1 hour

Link: Webinar course

Accessing Webinars

1. Live webinar invite

Invites are sent via email on the day of the webinar.

Click the ‘Where’ link to join the live webinar 5-10 minutes prior to the start time.

Note that webinars are hosted by ‘ClickMeeting’ (not the KnowledgEquity site).

2. Attending live webinars

Enter your name and email on the ClickMeeting login screen.

Click the link to test your audio and video settings.

The presenter, slides, and a chat box can be viewed during the session.

3. Accessing the recorded webinar

Webinar recordings are published shortly after the live session.

In your Courses menu, click on the relevant Webinar course.

Review the course contents and click Start/Continue course.

4. Gain CPD certificate

Watch the recorded webinar in full.

Take the webinar assessment (scoring 80%+).

Click on Finish Course to generate your CPD certificate.