Financial Reporting Revision – Module 4

Financial Reporting Revision – Module 4

As we head towards the business end of the CPA semester, our KnowledgEquity Financial Reporting students start ramping up their revision of the materials in preparation for the all important exam.

Module 4 counts 18% of the CPA Financial Reporting exam. This is one of the most challenging areas in the syllabus. Here is a checklist to help you assess your knowledge of this module and direct you to the relevant KnowledgEquity resources.

Financial Reporting Revision - Module 4

Module 4 revision


Theashen Vandiar with nameTo learn more and get access to support resources for your CPA, check out KnowledgEquity’s Financial Reporting Support for your CPA courses. You can try our CPA Assist for Financial Reporting which includes 10 hours of free content, there are short explanatory videos, module quizzes, webinars and flowcharts to help you embed your knowledge and be able to understand the subject. Plus in our paid courses, you can access all the resources, including practice exams (marked) and an exam preparation webinar – learn more here, Financial Reporting courses. Once you have concepts like these embedded in your knowledge data bank, you will be ready to take on your CPA exam!

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April 13, 2017

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  1. Thanks Theashen, this is great! A fantastic structured approach to ensure that we have the key concepts covered while we prepare for the upcoming exam. Would love more of these please 🙂

  2. This is a very useful revision tool, thank you Theashen.

  3. You certainly give us every chance to pass, love your passion

  4. You are the best Theashen. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. Another great tool from you Theashen. All of your flowcharts, tables and blogs are invaluable resources. You’ve made this subject so much easier. Keep them coming!

  6. What a great help Theashen. This is a huge help. Thanks a lot.

  7. Wow, fantastic. It is very helpful to revise my knowledge. You are the best. Thanks a lot, Theashen. Look forward to many more modules.

  8. Great resource, very helpful…

  9. This has really helped me! Thank you Theashan, definitely doing everything you can to help us pass this exam!


  10. This has really helped me! Thank you Theashan, definitely doing everything you can to help us pass this exam! Would love one for module 5 and 6 please!


  11. Theashen, this is extremely useful! we’d like to have for the other modules, if you could please kindly do so. Thank you in advance!

  12. It is very helpful. Thank you Theashen!

  13. Really helpful. Thanks Theashen!

  14. Its really wonderful. Thank you Theashen .

  15. Works really good Theashen!!
    Now module 5 please 🙂

  16. Very helpful indeed. Thanks Theashen:)

  17. Thanks Theashen and colleagues, I think this was very helpful. Look forward to have this structure in the other modules as well 🙂

  18. Amazing for revision 🙂 Thanks heaps Theashen 🙂

  19. Very useful. Thanks. Could you please kindly prepare module 5.

  20. This is a great help for a difficult section.

  21. Theashen, thanks for doing the knowledge check for us. Please continue to doing this. Looking forward to M5 check .Thanks

  22. This is great & will definitely help me to revise. Thank you!

  23. Hi all,

    Thank you all very much for the positive feedback. I am glad you find this helpful. I have prepared a similar tool for Module 5 which we will post next week. Have a great Easter break and let’s continue to push forward. The end is very near 🙂

  24. Theashen, This is an excellent revision tool. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  25. Very helpful for me to check the areas I am not confident about and brush up..Thanks Theashen..looking forward to similar revision tools for other modules as well..:)


  26. Great stuff Theashen. Very helpful. Looking forward for module 5 and 6

  27. This is excellent – thank you Theashen.

  28. Very helpful, thanks Theashen!

  29. Excellent – thank you very much Theashen – always going the extra mile! Awesome teacher.

  30. Awesome help Theashen! Thanks for doing this.

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