Financial Reporting Revision – Module 5

Financial Reporting Revision – Module 5

In the lead up to the CPA exams, our KnowledgEquity Financial Reporting students are into revision mode. Our students have been using the KnowledgEquity support resources, including video tutorials, weekly webinars, module quizzes plus the CPA study guide to prepare for the all important exam.

Module 5 counts 24% of the CPA Financial Reporting exam. That is a significant chunk of the exam! Here is a checklist to help you assess your knowledge of this module and direct you to the relevant KnowledgEquity resources.

Module 5 revision

Financial Reporting Module 5 revision


Theashen Vandiar with nameTo learn more and get access to support resources for your CPA, check out KnowledgEquity’s Financial Reporting Support for your CPA courses. You can try our CPA Assist for Financial Reporting which includes 10 hours of free content, there are short explanatory videos, module quizzes, webinars and flowcharts to help you embed your knowledge and be able to understand the subject. Plus in our paid courses, you can access all the resources, including practice exams (marked) and an exam preparation webinar – learn more here, Financial Reporting courses. Once you have concepts like these embedded in your knowledge data bank, you will be ready to take on your CPA exam!

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April 18, 2017

14 responses on "Financial Reporting Revision - Module 5"

  1. Thanks very much Theashen. Very useful list to have and very timely. Will be working through these at my next study session.

  2. Thanks heaps Theshan! These are helping with revision

  3. Thanks Theashen very helpful 🙂

  4. I would like to say special thanks to Theashen and knowledge Equity team for their endless support and efforts to run FR subject in a very concise way to digest for the the CPA candidates in short time.

    This subject is one of the most complicated subject of the CPA though with the cooperation and coordination of Theashen the instructor of FR module it’s possible that student can feel some confidence for this subject.

    As in future there is also the plan of knowledge equity and Theashen to run some other seminars for the specific topics like Business combination and Deferred Taxes of Financial Instruments, i am sure it will defiantly facilitate the candidates by having separate face to face along must online seminars or recorded to cover topic by topic for those students who are not base in Melbourne and live or work other parts of world.

    Once again I want to thanks Theashen for his passionate,endless effort and contribution in enhancing the knowledge of FR candidates who enrolled with knowledge equity.

    Last but not least the way knowledge equity developed the platform for the knowledge equity student to ask the questions for FR subject is highly remarkable. It’s much more organized then face book. I suggest this way should adopt and continue for the coming semesters as well and same format should apply for other subjects of CPA at knowledge Equity platform.

    Most important what i observed each candidate received answer from Theashen and attention on timely manner without any significant delays. Also Theashen is not only advising about the topic but he goes beyond the topic and give advise and address the candidate personal circumstances for study and pass the subject.

    Thank you Theashen and knowledge equity team for running an excellent CPA preparation academy for the CPA student.

    Mohammad Qureshi

  5. Thank you very much Mohammad for such awesome feedback. Our students mean a great deal to all of us at KnowledgEquity and we are very pleased that this passion shows. Your feedback has made my day 🙂

  6. Thanks Theashen. You are too much! God bless you.

  7. I honestly don’t know how people study this subject without your help Theashen! Thank you again.

  8. Dear Theashen,

    FR students who enrolled with knowledge equity to study FR subject with you understand quite well, it’s not just the question of one hour weekly webinar we are getting from you.

    It’s a continuous support,suggestions and feedback FR students getting from you through out the semester.

    Your each weekly webinar covers almost every aspect of the concept of the topic as required by CPA study guide which should need to understand by students. It’s not one hour you are just putting for webinar we do acknowledge how much effort you put in the preparation for this one hour material by covering each single concept with a solid examples.

    By your dedication and sincerity towards your students, you have earn a great respect among your students!

    In market there are many institutes offering tuition to CPA candidates around the world.

    But the way knowledge equity and you run tuition for this subject has no comparison with other institutes.

    Thank you very much for your kind attitude towards your student which makes you and knowledge equity team different then other tuition providers.

  9. Thank you very much Theashen your a gem:)

  10. A wonderful checklist- thank you!

  11. Thanks Theashen for this Module 5 Revision checklist..after revising as per the checklist, I feel more confident in this module for the exam…waiting for the Module 6 Revision checklist earnestly 🙂

  12. Awesome. Thanks so much for posting this Theashen. Are you going to post the Module 6 checklist soon?

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