Recoupment of tax losses

Module 4 : Recoupment of tax losses

If you’re studying CPA Financial Reporting and up to Module 4, then you’ll be familiar with recoupment of tax losses.

When an entity has a tax loss, it gives rise to a DTA and the rule relating to the recognition of the DTA is that only the portion that satisfies the probability criterion can be recognised. The remainder would not get recognised.

Now, in the future, when the entity makes a profit, it will have to pay tax on the profit. But what will happen is the entity will say ‘wait a minute, I have tax losses from the previous year which I want to use to reduce the tax that I now have to pay’.
This is called ‘recouping the tax loss’.
That is, the entity is using up the tax losses.

Now when this happens, the rules relating to the recoupment would apply.

The rule states that we must first use up tax losses for which no DTA was recognised.
So according to the rule, we would recoup against this first.

The journal entry for recouping against this is given in my KnowledgEquity flowcharts (Dr Deferred tax expense | Cr Current tax income).

If there is still a remainder of taxable profit after you recouped the tax losses for which no DTA was recognised, then you can recoup against the tax losses for which DTA was recognised.

Again, the journal entry for doing this is given in my KnowledgEquity flowchart (Dr Deferred tax expense | Cr DTA).

As simple as that. If you use my flowcharts in Module 4, you cannot go wrong !

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March 23, 2017

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  1. Yes Theashen, these blogs are really helpful for me in revising the key concepts in FR Module 4

  2. Thanks Theashen, very nicely explained concept

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    How do I download the word document on my iPhone

  4. Hi Sanjana,

    All the PDF downloads of the flowcharts and notes for deferred tax and other modules are available in the KnowlegEquity FR course itself. You will find these specific flowcharts in Module 4 in a unit entitled: ‘FR 4 – Flowcharts and decision trees’.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Dear Theashen, could you please explain further on difference of tax losses recouped and tax losses recognized? Are they the same thing?

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