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Facebook groups for S2, 2022 are open.


1. Guided Learning will open for Semester 2, 2022 approximately 2 weeks before the start of the CPA semester. Semester 2, 2022 starts on Monday 18 July 2022.


2. All the study guides are not changing for Semester 2 except for Australia Taxation and Australia Taxation – Advanced (which are both going through major updates – so don’t use an old version of the study guide).


3. In the break between semesters, you can enrol in our free Assist courses to help with your subject selection and get a start on your studies. Go to ( ) and choose your subject then sign up.


4. Calculators – You can use a financial, scientific, or standard calculator with no programmable functions, storage capabilities or internet connectivity.


5. Have questions on how the CPA Program Exams are marked? See the link below:


6. CPA Program Exam Results – FAQs (including – ‘Can I get a remark?’). See the link below:


7. CPA Australia’s important dates including when results are released and when enrolments open are here :


8. Foundation exams – No, we do not currently offer support for the foundation exams. However, you may find our free Assist courses useful for some topic areas, as well as our YouTube channel ( for a range of short video tutorials.


9. Where can I get past exam papers? CPA Australia does not provide past exam papers and, as a result, KnowledgEquity does not have any past exam papers. KnowledgEquity provides two full-length practice exams as well as a range of tests and quizzes, which will be more than enough to prepare you for your exam.


In any case, we aim to respond within 2 business days.

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