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Phone: 03 9764 3223 (within Australia)

Phone: +61 3 9764 3223 (outside Australia)

Available during business hours (Melbourne) and monitored out of hours.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. When will Guided Learning be available for Semester 1, 2021?

Guided learning is open for Semester 1, 2021 via your CPA MYOL login:

Step 1 – Login to My Online Learning using your CPA ID and CPA password here.
Step 2 – Go to your subject and click the Access button to go directly to Guided Learning Support.

2. When will Guided Learning close for Semester 1, 2021?

Guided learning will close on Tuesday 27 April 2021 for Semester 1, 2021.


3. When do Semester 2, 2021 enrolments open, when does Semester 2,2021 start and when are Semester 1, 2021 results released?

Please see CPA Australia’s important dates webpage (


4. Do you support foundation exams?

No, we do not currently offer support for the foundation exams. However, you may find our free Assist courses useful for some topic areas, as well as our YouTube channel ( and then click on the Free Assist button to proceed through the checkout.


5. What types of calculators are allowed?

Scientific, standard or financial calculators with no programmable functions, storage capabilities or internet connectivity are allowed.

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