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1. Guided learning will open for Semester 1, 2022 on Monday 10 January, 2022.


2. Most study guides are not changing for Semester 1, 2022. So, if you have deferred, you can use the same study guide. Note that the Digital Finance study guide will have some minor updates based on feedback from the first semester of release. Australia Taxation study guide will also be updated for minor corrections.


3. In the break between semesters, you can enrol in our free Assist courses to help with your subject selection and get a start on your studies. Select your subject from our homepage and follow the Assist links.


4. Calculators – You can use a financial, scientific, or standard calculator with no programmable functions, storage capabilities or internet connectivity.


5. Have questions on how the CPA Program Exams are marked? See the link below:


6. CPA Program Exam Results – FAQs (including – ‘Can I get a remark?’). See the link below:


7. CPA Australia’s important dates including when results are released and when enrolments open are here :


8. Foundation exams – No, we do not currently offer support for the foundation exams. However, you may find our free Assist courses useful for some topic areas, as well as our YouTube channel ( for a range of short video tutorials.


9. Where can I get past exam papers? CPA Australia does not provide past exam papers and, as a result, KnowledgEquity does not have any past exam papers. KnowledgEquity provides two full-length practice exams as well as a range of tests and quizzes, which will be more than enough to prepare you for your exam.


In any case, we aim to respond within 2 business days.

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