System Requirements

On this page, we provide you with recommended system and software settings to ensure you have the best experience while using our online learning system. We also provide some technical assistance and troubleshooting tips for common issues experienced by users.



– Users can experience our online learning system using any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile).


Operating System:

– Users can experience our online learning system using any operating system (Windows, MacOs, Android, iOS).



– We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, as Chrome has inbuilt software and system requirements that match our online learning system.
– We do not recommend using Safari, as Safari has inbuilt or default settings that can conflict with our online learning system.
– We recommend regularly cleaning up your browsing cache/cookie history to ensure that these do not affect your experience in the online learning system. [You may want to download free software (e.g. CCleaner) to help you remove unnecessary temporary files, caching and cookies from your computer.]



– We recommend connecting your device to the internet modem via ethernet/cable as this is often more stable than using wi-fi.
– Our videos are set to detect your internet speed and optimise the playback performance and quality/definition of the video.
– If your video will not play, you may need to check your Chrome extension settings and “Disable HTML5 Autoplay”.
– For best performance, we recommend ensuring that you are not streaming or downloading any other content (e.g. Dropbox, email, music, movies, software updates).



– Our videos are set to play through your device’s default speakers.
– If you do not have any sound, or good sound quality, please ensure that your audio volume is not low or on mute, and check that your don’t have any other plugged-in headphones, media or speakers.

Please contact us if you need any further assistance.