CPA Enrolments Open on Monday 25 November 2019

MYOL access and study guides are available from Monday 25 November 2019

Semester starts on Tuesday 28 January 2020

Got some questions? Please read our FAQs below

Practice exams with the same format, length and difficulty as the CPA exams. Practice exams are marked with detailed explanations so you can assess your performance. Exams are timed giving you a real exam experience.

Recorded webinars each week to keep you on track.
Coverage of the trickier areas of the study guide.

1 – 5 minute videos that cover technical content. Short videos that address candidate pain points and trickier modules in the study guide.


Downloads like flowcharts, case studies, webinar slides and more to help you understand key content. Use these downloads in your CPA exam. Check out these free downloads,


Here are some frequently asked questions

You get free access to our resources as part of your CPA Program enrolment. This includes over 50 videos per subject, a review quiz per module, Mini-Quizzes, recorded webinars, 2 practice exams, as well as the flowcharts, exercises and case studies. Most importantly, you get our support, our desire to motivate you, assist you and guide you through your CPA exam. As an added bonus, we will be the expert forum responders for you in MYOL.

Step 1 – Login to My Online Learning using your CPA ID and CPA password here.
Step 2 – Go to your subject and click the Access button to go directly to KnowledgEquity’s Guided Learning Support.

We will announce when Semester 1 2020 is available

The core subjects and the general electives are included. The Financial planning suite of electives are not currently included.

Core: Ethics & Governance | Strategic Management Accounting | Financial Reporting | Global Strategy & Leadership

General Electives: Advanced Audit & Assurance | Financial Risk Management | Contemporary Business Issues | Australia Taxation | Australia Taxation – Advanced

Please email so we can help organise a refund of your value pack purchase. This applies to students who have never used the value pack (i.e. this is not for rollovers linked to deferrals or fails).

You will gain access again to the resources when you re-enrol with CPA.

You can view a 5 hour sample of our resources (2019 S2 webinars and some video tutorials and quizzes) to help you choose your next subject or prepare for 2020.

Just sign up to our free ‘Assist’ Course from your preferred subject page.

Our subject mailboxes are still open and you can use them to write to subject instructors.

Financial planning subjects, practice management and foundation subjects are not included in the CPA/KnowledgEquity offering for semester 2, 2019. This may change in the future.

No, in 2020 we will not be offering live webinars or face to face classes (or marked ERQ portions of the practice exam) as part of this partnership with CPA. If you have an unused value pack please email to discuss a refund.

Please email us at and we will be able to help you with your question.

We provide support resources that help you tackle the harder, and sometimes more confusing parts of the different subjects. We do not replace the study guide. You are expected to read and understand the whole study guide because this is what your final exam is based on.

At KnowledgEquity, we believe that students don’t learn with just a quiz or a practice exam, and definitely don’t learn by trying to start studying in week 8.

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