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Purchase of our CPD Library courses and our CPA Program online study support packages provides a single licence for the registered account holder to use the resources for the duration of the specified term (see below). The single use licence does not permit for the resources to be shared, sold, or sub-licensed to anyone other than the registered account holder (whether during or after the specified licence term). If the conditions of licence are breached, KnowledgEquity will take appropriate action to protect its interests and rights including, but not limited to, removing course access, de-registering the user account, reporting the breach to the relevant professional accounting body, and taking appropriate legal action.

The KnowledgEquity website facilitates the purchase of products and services for online delivery. Delivery is via email, download or access to our online learning platform. Upon receipt of payment, KnowledgEquity will immediately make available and deliver all products and services purchased.

Products and courses are available for a term as specified by the particular item (e.g. per subject, per semester, or per year).

– Our CPD Library courses are available as a subscription service for a 12-month period and the subscription must be renewed after that period in order to continue receiving access to the course materials.

– Our CPD courses and packs are available as a subscription service for a 12-month period from purchase date.

– Our CPA Program online study support packages (for an individual subject) are available for the semester that the purchase takes place. Our early bird and value pack packages are stored as credits to your account and can be used either in the current semester or a future semester.

Once access is granted to the course materials for a particular subject in a particular semester, the term of access is limited to the end of that semester.