Grievance Policy

Any user with an issue, question or complaint may raise the matter with KnowledgEquity and attempt an informal resolution of the complaint.

KnowledgEquity will try and resolve the issue, question or complaint immediately or, if required, investigate the matter and then arrange further contact to discuss the outcome of the investigation and offer a solution, if appropriate.

A user who is not satisfied with the outcome of their discussion of the complaint is encouraged to register a formal complaint by following these steps:



  • Complete the Grievance Form



  • KnowledgEquity will confirm receipt of the user’s complaint.


  • KnowledgEquity will commence processing the Grievance Form within 5 working days and resolve the process within 10 working days from that commencement date (unless an extension is agreed by all parties).


  • During the formal complaint process, the user may present their case to KnowledgEquity in writing or in person, and may be accompanied by a support person.


  • KnowledgEquity will provide the user with a decision and reasons for the decision.


  • KnowledgEquity will also implement the decision and undertake any improvement actions arising from the complaint.


  • KnowledgEquity will retain all records of the complaint on file.


Users who are not satisfied with the outcome of the formal complaint may appeal against the KnowledgEquity decision by contacting the Chief Executive Officer, who will oversee an internal appeal process.