Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is KnowledgEquity?

KnowledgEquity is a training, education and consulting organisation, specialising in accounting. We’re here to develop your accounting knowledge and expertise from cradle to grave.

We provide educational and training services for the professional accounting bodies, corporate and government bodies as well as individuals. This includes writing, assessing and presenting materials for both accredited qualifications and tailored programs – from the Certificate III in Accounts Administration through to continuing professional development (CPD) courses for professional accountants. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we have all the systems and processes in place to deliver top quality courses and provide students with a great educational experience.

Our consulting services cover a range of accounting and business management areas, including business process redesign, cash flow management and financial modelling. Rather than just providing advice or recommendations, we aim to train and develop staff and help with the implementation of new processes or projects.

Most of our staff are professional accountants – you may have come across Courtney, Russell, Chris, Michael, Theashen, Steve, Rob and Patience already – and we also have a network of subject matter experts that work with us to deliver our products and services. Our staff live and breathe by one of our core values: ‘mastery’. It’s what we aim to achieve ourselves, as well as what we want to help others develop.


2. What experience do you have with the CPA Program?

Our experience with the CPA Program® includes:

• Providing expert forum responses for all subjects in My Online Learning.
• Authoring a number of modules across multiple subjects.
• Reviewing and updating modules in all Australian subjects.
• Authoring training materials and presenting workshops and webinars.

Our co-founder, Russell Clowes, was the winner of the CPA High Achievers Award, with the highest mark in six segments of the CPA Program, and Courtney Clowes has authored or updated a number of modules of the CPA Program. We have now built a team of CPAs who achieved exceptional performance in post-graduate studies, so they know what it takes to do well.


3. Who are your teachers?

We have in-house Subject Owners for each subject and we also have a network of subject matter experts and guest presenters that assist us with development and review of our training materials.

Courtney Clowes is our subject owner for Ethics and Governance, Strategic Management Accounting and Financial Reporting. Courtney has been an author, reviewer, expert forum responder and examiner across multiple subjects of the CPA Program, and loves to bring these subjects to life with his engaging story-telling and relating theory to case studies and news articles.

Russell Clowes is our subject owner for Australia Taxation and Australia Taxation Advanced. Russell has been an author, reviewer, expert forum responder and examiner across multiple subjects of the CPA Program.

Micahel Kehio is our subject owner for Advanced Audit and Assurance and Financial Risk Management. Michael is a passionate educator with extensive experience in Big 4 accounting firms and in industry, with roles in audit and risk management for listed global entities.

Chris Thomas is our subject owner for Global Strategy and Leadership and Contemporary Business Issues. Chris has a number of years’ experience in senior strategy and change management roles, and he is also a serial entrepreneur, giving him a broad perspective from both large corporate/government bodies and start-ups.

Theashen Vandiar is an audit and financial reporting expert who develops educational content and handles a range of technical queries – he is a passionate accounting educator and thrives on seeing candidates learn and improve.

Rob Gregory is a tax expert who is highly motivated to develop and deliver top quality educational content that engages candidates and provides a strong foundation for continued learning.

Steve Piening is a qualified CPA, providing vital support and subject matter expertise to our subject owners as reviewers

You can view all of our profiles here.


4. What are the different product packages?

Our offering caters for candidates that want additional revision resources, through to those that also want practice exams to be ready for the exam, through to those that also want weekly webinars to keep on track with their studies.

CPA Assist – includes module 1 content, video tutorials, PDF downloads, module quizzes, a live exam preparation webinar and one recorded subject webinar.

Revision Plus – includes video tutorials, PDF downloads, module quizzes, a live exam preparation webinar and recorded weekly webinars.

Exam Ready – includes all the features of Revision Plus, as well as 2 marked practice exams, which are timed and structured to provide a real exam experience.

Full Focus – includes all the features of Exam Ready, as well as 10 live weekly webinars, early access to course materials, access to Summer/Winter School and an opportunity for Q&A with the subject owner.


5. Does KnowledgEquity offer resources for free?

Yes we do!

We call it CPA Assist – 10 hours of free content in your chosen subject to get you started.

CPA Assist has module 1 content, including video tutorials, PDF downloads, module quizzes, a mid-semester test, exam preparation live webinar plus one recorded subject webinar.

You get access to CPA Assist throughout the semester you enrol in. Best of all, it’s completely free to sign up – no credit card required. Just go to the Support for CPA in the main menu and enrol in your subject to start using our awesome support resources.


6. How do I enrol?

Enrolling is really simple, just follow these steps:

1. On the CPA Support page, click on the Subject button that you want to enrol in. This takes you to the relevant Subject page, where you can review sample resources, the packages on offer, pricing tables and any discounts available.

2. On the relevant Subject page, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button for the package you want to enrol in. This adds the package to your cart and automatically takes you to the Cart page. [Don’t forget to note any available coupon codes that will give you a discount on your cart.]

3. On the Cart page, confirm the Subject and the Package are correct. If relevant, enter your coupon code in the ‘Coupon’ field and click ‘Apply Coupon’ to update the cart price total. Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’, which takes you to the checkout.

4. On the Checkout page:
• For a returning customer, enter your username and password at the top.
• For a new customer, enter your contact details in the fields provided.

Then, select your preferred payment method, complete the relevant payment details, tick the box relating to terms and conditions and click ‘Place Order’.

If the payment is successful, just click on the green ‘Courses’ button in the Checkout page to go straight to your profile and list of courses.


7. What payment methods do you have?

Once you’re in the checkout, you can select to pay via credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard or AMEX) or PayPal. If you’d prefer to transact offline, please contact us to arrange an invoice with alternative payment methods.

For corporate clients, you can contact us to arrange an invoice – we can also enrol multiple staff with the one transaction.


8. How do I access the course after I enrol?

If you have just enrolled in a subject, from the Checkout page, just click on the green ‘Courses’ button, which that takes you straight to your profile and list of courses.

If you are returning to the site, from the CPA Support page, click ‘Login’ in the top right corner, then enter your username and password and click ‘Log In’. This takes you to your user dashboard. If you click ‘Courses’ from the menu, you should then see the course(s) that you are enrolled in.

Click on the course you want to enter and this will take you to your course.

For more help on navigation, see this page here.


9. How do I upgrade from CPA Assist?

CPA Assist lasts for the duration of the semester and you can upgrade to Revision Plus, Exam Ready or Full Focus at any time.

Keep an eye out for our early bird discounts – the sooner you upgrade, the better for your hip pocket. We’ll keep you informed of these deals via email and Facebook so you won’t miss out.

To upgrade, simply follow the steps in the ‘How do I enrol?’ FAQ. You go to the relevant subject page and click Buy Now on your preferred package, which takes you to the Cart and Checkout.


10. Which subject(s) should I enrol in?

This is a question we receive quite a lot, so we have written a detailed blog on it here.

It’s important to note that there’s not one correct answer here. Different people will have different opinions. It really depends on your goals, motivation, the complexity of the subject being undertaken and your previous education/experience.


11. Will I receive access until I pass?

Yes, you sure will.

We’re really confident that our online study resources will:

• provide essential assumed knowledge and base level information;
• address candidate pain points for tricky and complex areas; and
• extend candidates beyond what is required by the learning objectives.

But, if you have worked your way through the study guide and completed all of the resources available in your purchased product – then we’d be happy to continue providing you access to those resources, until you pass the subject.

If you find yourself needing a rollover, just click here and supply us with your CPA Program transcript (showing a deferred, fail or did not sit result) and confirmation of your enrolment with CPA Australia for the next semester (or deferral confirmation letter). As of 7 April 2017, for all new enrolments, we charge a $30 administration fee to process your request and reload you onto our learning management system.

Please note that our rollover policy doesn’t apply to free course enrolments or subsidised promotions (e.g. Ethics and Governance packages). Please also note that, as we require your CPA Program transcript to process the rollover, our rollover policy doesn’t apply to students who decide to use our course resources in advance of actually studying the subject with CPA Australia.


12. What learning resources are available?

We focus on the pain points that candidates face, typically linked to complex or tricky areas of the study guide. We are also adding new resources to each subject each week based on candidate feedback.

Video Tutorials (or ‘Knowledge Clips’ as we like to call them) are short videos (1 – 5 minutes) that cover technical content and address complex areas and candidate pain points in each module.

PDF Downloads are provided for key pieces of content including flowcharts, case studies and assumed knowledge primers. Additional downloads may be in spreadsheet, presentation or document form.

Module quizzes are practice tests available for each module, consisting of multiple choice questions with detailed solutions to reinforce your learning.

The hour-long Live Exam Preparation Webinar provides an opportunity for you to hear study and exam tips from experts, including techniques for obtaining maximum marks.

Practice Exams (available in the Exam Ready and Full Focus packages) are timed and provide you with real exam experience, including the format, length and difficulty level. Feedback is provided to assess your current performance and improve your learning

Weekly Webinars are one hour each and provide an opportunity for you to keep on track during semester, revise each of the modules and discuss case studies (including questions and answers) with an expert. The Live webinars are available to students in our Full Focus package, and are recorded so you can still view them if you miss the live session. The recorded  webinars are available in the Revision Plus, Exam Ready and Full Focus packages.


13. When are the resources for each course available?

Module 1 access within a course is always available. For our paid packages, course materials become available when CPA results for the previous semester are released (approximately 7-8 weeks before semester starts).

On your course page, you should see a listing of all the topics/contents that will be covered in the subject. As the semester progresses, we also release additional materials in each subject, so keep an eye out for these.


14. When is the live exam preparation webinar scheduled?

The live exam preparation webinar will take place towards the end of the semester. The date and time will be published closer to the date.


15. When are the live weekly webinars scheduled?

The live weekly webinars will take place throughout the Semester, which starts on Monday 22 July, 2019. Days and times (in Australian eastern time) for semester 2, 2019 will be confirmed closer to the start of semester.

Webinar email invitations with the link are sent on the day of the webinar. If you have not received the email, check your email spam and junk mail folders first (we recommend setting “ClickMeeting” as a trusted domain so that your webinar invites don’t go to spam/junk). If the invite is not there by 5:00pm (Melbourne time), please contact


16. Are the questions in the practice exams different to the module quizzes?

With regards to the module quizzes, the first set in each module are usually pitched at an easier level so that we can obtain a baseline for each candidate.

Subsequent sets build upon this as we take candidates on a journey to meet the learning objectives…and then go beyond them.

With regards to the practice exams, we are aiming to make these as ‘real’ as possible – this includes the time, length, format, module weighting, and ensuring questions are aligned with the content and learning objectives. This is all based on the available information provided to candidates. In terms of the level of difficulty, all of our questions are rated on a difficulty scale as well as a taxonomy scale (e.g. understand, explain, evaluate, etc), and we aim to provide a good blend of each.

We also create questions from scratch, so everything is tailored and there’s nothing ‘off the shelf’.


17. What are the system requirements for using the KnowledgEquity online platform?

The KnowledgEquity online learning system can be accessed from any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop) and operating system (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS). In terms of internet browsers, we strongly recommend using the latest version of Chrome, as Chrome has inbuilt software and system requirements that match our online platform. [Note: we do not recommend using Safari, as users have experienced technical issues as Safari has inbuilt or default settings that conflict with our online platform.]


18. I’m new to KnowledgEquity’s online CPA support – how does it work?

If you’re new to KnowledgEquity’s online CPA support, here’s a short video webinar on our most common questions from students.