CPA Australia Taxation – Changes in Semester 1 2019

What are the changes to CPA Australia Taxation?

There are now 2 taxation subjects being offered in the CPA Program:

(i) Australia Taxation and

(ii) Australia Taxation – Advanced.

If you haven’t studied taxation before, you should enrol in Australia Taxation (see the subject outline here). If you have studied taxation previously and want to learn more complex topics (and potentially become a registered tax agent with the Tax Practitioners Board), then you should enrol in Australia Taxation – Advanced (see the subject outline here). CPA have also advised that students can take both taxation subjects as part of the CPA Program, so you can build upon your tax knowledge across two ‘electives’.

Australia Taxation seems to reflect the previous study resource called ‘Supplementary Resource – Taxation’, which has 11 modules.

Australia Taxation – Advanced is based on the ‘Advanced Taxation’ study guide from Semester 2, 2018 (available from the files section of the Australia Taxation Facebook group here) and has 10 modules.

June 3, 2019

7 responses on "CPA Australia Taxation - Changes in Semester 1 2019"

  1. Hi Russell, could you please provide more information in relation to the following or advise where I can read more about it? Thank you

    ”There are some big changes ahead. So long as you’re aware of them, and you’re ready to navigate through them (expecting some hiccups along the way), then you’ll be mentally prepared and on the right track. Get motivated, keep engaged and prepare yourself for challenge…it’s going to be an interesting ride, and I look forward to you joining me this semester!”

  2. The changes refer to the structure of taxation within the CPA Program…as released for Semester 1, 2019.

  3. Hi Russell, if I have done Australia Taxation at Uni, could I do both Australia Taxation & Advanced – Australia Taxation as electives? Thanks

  4. Hi Alicebb892, yes, I understand that it’s possible to do both of these electives with CPA Australia. However, there are 2 decision points here. Firstly, instead of Australia Taxation, do you instead take another elective to give yourself broader coverage? This might be something for you to consider. Secondly, if you do take both taxation subjects, do you do them in the same semester? My recommendation would be no. Australia Taxation – Advanced is extremely long and complex and I’d recommend taking this by itself. Good luck with the decision.

  5. Hi Russell, thanks for the reply. Firstly, I plan to do only 1 subject per semester since I am working full time. Regarding the Taxation subject, I was having a dilemma about this. I am working in SME Public Practice and Tax is our strong point. I am just worried if I took the advanced Taxation, I will not be using this practically if the material is too advanced. I took the Australian Taxation 4 years ago so I do not think I remember all of the materials, do you think this won’t be a problem if I only take the Advanced Taxation?

  6. Hi there, 4 years is a long time in tax…so take Australia Taxation and aim for a strong HD 🙂 One word of caution: don’t take it lightly because you’ve studied tax before and work in tax…that’s a trap many students fall into. You can always view the study guides before making your decision – they are in the Files section of this CPA Australia Taxation Facebook group:

  7. Thanks for the advice Russell, I only got a pass for it in my uni so I will definitely aim for HD:). Used to be my least favorite subject since it is a whole new system for me (born in a country that have poor tax system) but I love learning more about it! Thanks again.

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