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+ Two overarching course categories: 'performance' and 'stewardship'
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Improving Positioning & Results


– Management Accounting –

– Strategy & Leadership –

– Business Management –

– Contemporary Issues –

– Advisory Services –




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$395per year
  • Video TutorialsVideo Tutorials (or 'Knowledge Clips' as we like to call them) are short videos (1 - 5 minutes) that cover technical content and address complex areas.
  • PDF DownloadsPDF Downloads are provided for key pieces of content including flowcharts, case studies and assumed knowledge primers. Additional downloads may be in spreadsheet, presentation or document form.
  • Activities & AssessmentsActivities & Assessments are available after training resources and consist of reflection activities, research activities, multiple choice question and short-answer questions with detailed explanations to reinforce your learning.
  • Live & Recorded WebinarsLive & Recorded Webinars provide an opportunity for you to hear from experts in a variety of fields and skill up in areas of interest to you.
  • Work-Based ProjectsWork-Based Projects provide you with an opportunity to take your new learnings back to your workplace, complete with implementation plans, to improve performance, gain recognition and provide a return on investment.
  • CPD HoursMeet your required CPD Hours each year while also improving your knowledge, capability and confidence.

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  • 4 hours of CPDExperience 4 hours of our quality CPD resources and activities. View our video clips, PDF downloads and assessments to get a feel for the quality and engaging nature of our resources in the CPD Library.

Ensuring Compliance & Control


– Financial Reporting –

– Audit & Assurance –

– Taxation –

– Governance –

– Risk Management –




Sample Courses

Analysing the external

environment to improve


Designing and

implementing effective

performance measures

Impairment – A virus of

value destruction

Integrated Reporting – A

strategic tool for value


Make your move:

Transition to advisory

Understanding and

implementing IFRS 15, the

new revenue standard

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