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Get through your CPA studies with 2 full-length Practice Exams, Recorded Webinars, a Mid-Semester Test and Module Quizzes.

Semester 2 2021 starts on 19 July 2021

Guided Learning is open for semester 2, 2021 via your CPA MYOL login.

CPA Australia is providing our resources as part of your CPA Program subject enrolment

As a new elective in Semester 2, 2021, our resources are currently in development and will be released throughout the semester (in line with the suggested study schedule).

CPA Program Guided Learning



  • 2 x Practice ExamsOur Practice Exams are full CPA length, format and timed to give you a real exam experience. Every question has an answer explanation, and our Exam Report shows you your score by module.
  • PDF DownloadsPDF Downloads of all our webinar slides. Additional downloads may be flowcharts, articles, tables.
  • Module QuizzesModule Quizzes are revision practice MCQs for every module, with answer explanations.
  • Mid-Semester TestThe Mid-Semester Test is a MCQ test that covers the first five weeks of semester. It is only available for ten days between weeks 5 and 7 of semester. Use it to find out if you are on track.
  • Recorded Exam Preparation WebinarThe Exam Preparation Webinar gives you key study and exam tips from our experts.
  • 10 x Recorded Weekly WebinarsRecorded Weekly Webinars are designed to guide you through the study guide, focusing on key areas that candidates find complex. Our experts break down concepts, use examples to bring the study guide to life, and keep you track.
  • Recorded Study Essentials WebinarStudy Essentials Webinar gives you a live webinar a week before semester starts. Our experts cover how to master the CPA Program and study techniques to get you through.
  • Recorded Boot Camp WebinarBoot Camp provides an additional two webinars to help get candidates back on track who have fallen behind. These webinars are not subject specific. Our ten-day plan helps you get back on track.
  • Ask The Expert ForumAsk The Expert Forum is designed for candidates to post technical queries and have them answered by a subject expert.



View samples of our resources below.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Digital Finance is a new elective in Semester 2, 2021. Find out more here:

Here are some FAQs:

Q. Will Guided Learning be available for this elective in Semester 2, 2021?

A. Yes – although it will not be the complete ‘guided learning’ structure as per other subjects. There will be webinars, module quizzes, mini-quizzes, a mid-semester test and practice exams, but there won’t be as many short videos and PDF tasks in S2/2021.

Resources are being developed and released throughout the semester, in line with the suggested study schedule.

Q. What is the exam structure?

A. The exam will have MCQs and extended response questions. The exam is worth 100% of your assessment. There are 66 marks for 66 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions – Single Option), 5 marks for 5 MCQ (Multiple Options) and 4 marks of ERQ (Extended Response Questions) for a total of 75 marks. The subject matter is likely to be similar to that found in Contemporary Business Issues, Global Strategy & Leadership and Financial Risk Management, so be prepared for a broad range of topics and question types.

Q. Should I take this elective?

A. This is a personal preference. You need to weigh up all the pros and cons, such as whether you are interested in the subject matter, whether it is relevant to your current or future work, whether you have a ‘spare’ elective, etc. Keep in mind that this is the first semester of release, so the full resources of Guided Learning will not be available from the start of semester.

Q. Is there a Facebook group for Digital Finance?

A. Yes! You can join here:

View 5 hours of resources in our free ‘Assist’ course

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