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Early Birds & Value Packs

Pay only $204 for your second Full Focus with a 2-pack…get amazing prices on Multi-Subject Value Packs!

Buy one subject at a time, or get a bigger discount if you buy multiple subjects for your whole CPA program support…and yes, you can use them at any time!

Simply follow these steps:


Step 1: Choose

Choose your package (Exam ready or Full Focus)



Step 2: Review

Review our terms and conditions, refund policy and FAQs



Step 3: Buy

Buy the value pack that matches the number of subjects you want


Step 1: Choose your package (Exam ready or Full Focus)

Step 2: Review our terms and conditions, refund policy and FAQs

In addition to our normal Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy and Frequently Asked Questions, there are also some specific items that you should be aware of before purchasing a value pack.


We guarantee that you will have access to our study resources until you pass your subject. If you fail or defer your subject, just email us at, along with your transcript or deferral confirmation, and we’ll rollover your enrolment to the next semester. As of 7 April 2017, for all new purchases, we charge $30 administration fee to process your request and reload you onto our learning management system.



At the moment, we are offering our Ethics & Governance (E&G) Full Focus package for free. So, there are no Value 6-Packs available! While E&G Full Focus is free, you don’t need to use one of your value pack enrolments when you’re studying E&G.



Over time, our resources are going to continue to develop and improve…and our packages are likely to change too. But, we guarantee that your value pack purchase will provide you access to an equivalent or better package when you’re ready to use it.



If you want to upgrade your Exam Ready value-pack into a Full Focus value-pack, no worries at all! Just email us at and we’ll provide you with a quote and a coupon code to process the change in enrolment.



We understand that circumstances change, so refunds are available for the value-packs. You might cease studying, or not want our study support for a particular semester. That’s ok – it’s your money and we’re really flexible and responsive to your needs. The refund amount is based on the incremental price difference between each value pack.

For example, if you purchase an Exam Ready Value 4-Pack and then only use it for 3 subject enrolments, we’ll refund you the difference between the Exam Ready Value 3-Pack ($799) and the Exam Ready Value 4-Pack ($999). Note that there is also a $50 administration fee that applies, so the net refund amount in this example would be $150.

To request a refund, please see our Refund Policy page, and email us at


Step 3: Buy the value pack that matches the number of subjects you want

Subject selection for Semester 2, 2017 is now available – just click here to select your subject. Our course resources for Semester 2, 2017 are also available, so you can start studying nice and early!!

In addition, you can rest easy, knowing that you’re accelerating your CPA with our value packs!

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