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We can help you improve results and reduce costs. We can up-skill your staff to improve cash collections from customers, reduce inventories, manage creditors, and control working capital more effectively.

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We can help you identify issues and implement improvements. We can work with you and develop your staff in areas such as debtor management, inventory control, cash management and cost control.

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We can help you evaluate capabilities of your current staff or new hires and identify knowledge gaps. We can develop practical tests that assure whether your people have the technical capability to perform quickly and effectively.

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We can help you better understand and manage accounting related tasks and functions. We provide a variety of helpful resources on topics such as collecting cash, reducing inventory, controlling costs and performance measures.

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Support for your CPA


Online study resources tailored to the study guides

Support for CPA


Do you want practical accounting training that improves results and reduces costs?


Do you want help identifying issues and implementing improvements within your business?


Do you want to evaluate staff capabilities and identify knowledge gaps?


Do you want ideas for improved cash management, cost controls, reporting and results?

KnowledgEquity provides training and consulting services in accounting and business management. We use practical approaches to help fix problems, reduce costs and improve results.

We can help you or your staff gain accounting qualifications and meet professional development requirements. We can help your business by focusing on cash flows, inventories, debtors, internal controls and efficiency. We focus on giving you measurable results through improved business performance including lower costs, greater productivity and higher profits.


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