Rollover a Subject into Semester 2 2019

Please note that deferrals and rollovers into 2019 semester 2 will open for processing from 11 June, 2019


Is there a payment required to rollover my subject? Yes, a $30 administration fee will apply to process your rollover (per subject). Rollovers can only be processed once payment has been made.

Why can’t I select Ethics and Governance?  Our rollover policy excludes free course enrolments or subsidised promotions, such as the heavily discounted Ethics and Governance packages. But the good news is that we are still offering free Revision Plus for Ethics & Governance, $50 Exam Ready and $100 Full Focus in 2019. You can sign up directly on the subject page and you will get immediate access to the course –

Can I rollover into the new “Australia Taxation” subjects? Yes you can, but these need to be processed manually.  Please email us for more information (

Why do I need to be enrolled with CPA before applying for a rollover? You’ll need to upload proof of your re-enrolment in Step 3.

Can I upgrade my KnowledgEquity package for this subject? Yes! This rollover request form will process you into the same package you had previously purchased. But, if you’d like to upgrade your package, just contact us ( to obtain a coupon code and upgrade instructions.

Can I select a new subject to rollover into? No, you can only rollover the same subject that you didn’t achieve a pass in.

What if I’m not enrolling in that subject in Semester 2 2019? That’s ok, you can process your rollover request later. Just wait until you are ready to study the subject again and submit your rollover request at that time (when you have your CPA Australia enrolment confirmation ready to upload).