There are several useful ways of using testing in the workplace. These include:

latest_bullets (1) Ensuring potential employees are technically proficient and ready for their new role

latest_bullets (1) Identifying knowledge gaps between existing staff members

latest_bullets (1) Identifying employees who are capable of increased responsibility

latest_bullets (1) Supporting career guidance and progression

latest_bullets (1) Demonstrating knowledge retention from training






We have many years of experience in developing practical tests which evaluate a person’s ability to understand and apply accounting knowledge.

An additional style of testing comes from the use of action learning projects. Employees are expected to design and implement projects within your organisation that demonstrate their ability to apply new skills. The benefits of this approach include:

 latest_bullets (1)  generating a genuine return on investment from training

 latest_bullets (1)  turning theory into practice

 latest_bullets (1)  engaging employees with a focus on solving actual business issues

If you are thinking of hiring or promoting, or would like to gauge the ability of your staff, please contact us.