Knowledgequity Training

KnowledgEquity provides training in accounting, finance and business management. Our training style ensures you gain practical knowledge that can be applied to fix problems, cut costs and improve results giving you a strong return on investment.

We believe that corporate training is an exchange of knowledge between peers and presenters alike. We incorporate current affairs and news events into our training, and our work is tailored to suit your organisation or industry. Training is so much more than just a lecture. It should inspire, motivate and capture the imagination of all participants for its maximum benefit to be achieved.

Targeted and Tailored for Quick Results

We tailor your training by targeting a specific area of need. Training incorporates the policies, procedures, techniques and approaches that will empower your employees and improve your business. We also provide the tools to set and monitor the benchmarks and strategic targets.

Types of programs offered by KnowledgEquity

KnowledgEquity designs and facilitates continuing professional development (CPD) for accountants, professional institutions, corporate bodies, and government departments. We offer training and educational services across a wide-range of business activities. Our writers and presenters are experts in their field.

Examples of courses include:

●  Cash flow management and reporting
●  KPIs and effective reporting
●  Budgeting and forecasting
●  Cost control
●  Strategic decision making
●  Pricing
●  Business and financial acumen
●  Accounting for non-accountants

We can conduct a Training Assessment of your organisation and provide you with a report that recommends suitable courses for your employees.

To view samples of our work or to discuss your training needs, please contact us.