CPA MYOL or Facebook forums?


CPA MYOL is a valuable resource for downloading resources from CPA Australia and you can also use the CPA MYOL forums to ask the experts questions about tricky areas.


CPA subject technical questions

Did you know you can also ask questions in the following Facebook forums to receive guidance from other candidates and also expert responses from our staff. The benefit of this approach compared to using the CPA MYOL forums is that you receive prompt replies and other students can easily see your answers and ask additional questions linked to the topic. So, the learning is shared.


CPA Australia Facebook groups

These groups are set up by students or KnowledgEquity and are designed for anyone to be able to ask questions, post questions, answer other people’s questions or post articles or other relevant information to the subject. It’s even OK to just ask each other how you are going and to offer the support that everyone needs.


What do you want?

Please comment below if you have an opinion or preference about whether, for technical questions on the study guides, you prefer to use CPA MYOL, Facebook groups or would like KnowledgEquity to set up our own forum. We aren’t committing to anything yet because we’re keen to find out your thoughts and see what CPA candidates want.

Here are the relevant CPA Facebook groups that you can join to ask the equivalent of a CPA MYOL forum query:

CPA Australia Core Subjects

CPA Australia Ethics & Governance:

CPA Australia Financial Reporting:

CPA Australia Strategic Management Accounting:

CPA Australia Global Strategy & Leadership:

CPA Australia Elective Subjects

CPA Australia Advanced Audit and Assurance

CPA Australia Advanced Taxation

CPA Australia Contemporary Business Issues

CPA Australia Financial Risk Management

CPA Australia Financial Planning Fundamentals


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February 20, 2017

4 responses on "CPA MYOL or Facebook forums?"

  1. We are really keen to release forum / technical Q&A support as soon as possible for our students. We will keep everyone informed as to when this will become available. (Hopefully S2/2016). Courtney

  2. I rarely use CPA’s MYOL. I much prefer to use the fb groups.

  3. i think the FB page is better than the forum. it gives us instant notifications as soon as someone makes a comment and it’s much easier to access anywhere we are and on any device (especially phones where there’s no need to log in every time you want to check for new posts). i like the way things are at the moment.

  4. I don’t use MYOL or the Facebook groups. I find the questions on MYOL either way to specific or don’t cover what I’m after and I haven’t bothered to post anything. I am in the Facebook groups but don’t follow them – I find them disorganised and difficult to navigate as there are so many posts. I think a well organised & edited forum would be useful 🙂

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