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Onward and upward for KnowledgEquity – Learning Panels


KnowledgEquity is pleased to announce that it has recently been appointed to the Learning & Development Panels for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).


The appointments come after three separate and thorough tender processes in which KnowledgEquity was able to demonstrate its competence and capabilities, through its long-standing experience creating tailored learning resources in accounting, finance and business management for a range of organisations.


Russell Clowes, a director of KnowledgEquity, stated:

“We are exceptionally proud of these tender results and especially for being recognised by three Commonwealth government bodies. These results reflect how our staff are viewed as industry-leading subject matter experts and how KnowledgEquity provides exceptional value-for-money to its clients.”



As a well-respected specialist in accounting, finance and business management training and development, KnowledgEquity looks forward to assisting ASIC, DIIS and the ATO in achieving their vision and goals.



Agency: Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Title: Accounting and auditor learning panel

Description: Accounting and auditor learning panel to provide ASIC’s need for business specific training


Department: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Title: Learning and Development Services

Description: Panel of providers to develop and deliver a range of learning and development programs.


Agency: Australian Taxation Office

Title: Learning & Development – Specialist Technical Skills Panel

Description: Learning and Development Panel to assist with the successful delivery of training requirements across a range of subject areas, including taxation, accounting and auditing.



KnowledgEquity is a registered training organisation, providing qualifications in accounting. In addition, KnowledgEquity has developed an online continuing professional development (CPD) library with a range of video, case study and assessment resources, which supplements its offering of face-to-face corporate training in accounting and business management. KnowledgEquity also provides online study and exam support to students undertaking the CPA Program®, with live webinars, practice exams, video tutorials, quizzes, and flowcharts all combining to provide students with the best chance of exceling with their studies and taking a step up in their professional careers.



For further information, or to enquire about training for your organisation, please contact Russell Clowes (russell@knowledgequity.com.au). Find out more about KnowledgEquity.


February 23, 2022

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  1. Well Done Courtney & Russel and TEAM Knowledge Equity!

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